Our windows have a turn feature for easy of cleaning or increased ventilation, or a simply a tilt feature for always active ventilation without compromising on safety or appearance. The tilt feature allows residents in first and higher floors to have their windows open for ventilation at night without worrying about safety, while the turn feature allows them to have egress in the event of a fire. With a simple turn of the dual function handle you can close, turn inward or tilt the window.

Our windows feature compression sealed gaskets, rather than bristle-like weatherstrips. Part of the problem is in the inherent design of typical sliding window systems. To slide well means to have less friction in the window, but weatherstrips inherently cause friction and make it difficult to slide. To remedy this, most manufacturers will use softer, more flexible weatherstrips to make their window slide easier, but the result is a window that leaks air, sound and potentially water. Our compression gaskets are made of soft EPDM rubber to make a seal very much like your car door.

We have partnered with Aluplast, a German innovator in vinyl formulation. Reducing the cost of vinyl by using or not using certain ingredients can lead to yellowing or failure of the window. Aluplast uses the optimal amount of the UV and weathering stabilizer titanium dioxide. Additional additives such as impact modifiers prevent the material from becoming brittle and cracking. Our profiles are certified and listed according to the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association.

According to statistics, burglars main break in routes are through windows in over 80%. It is standard for every our window to use high strength 2mm thick steel to reinforce all vinyl and secure locks directly into the steel core. All windows have a 4-sided locking system (Defender Hardware System) that secures the entire window opening to the frame much like a bank vault. Part of the system is specially designed interior glazing which allows for glass to only be inserted or more importantly removed from the inside. We bring together all these key safety points in one window ensuring maximum security and peace of mind.

Our state of the art fabrication line uses quantitative parameters at every point of the production cycle to make sure that material is in proper condition. If the material is outside of the acceptable parameters, multiple sensors detect and notify the control station of an error and stop the production cycle. Once the material has passed its quality assurance, it is sent into the production cycle. Every angle, depth and the material sequence are conducted in the exact parameter that is defined by the system. Waste is virtually eliminated by digital optimization preformed by our complex software.